sichuan pepper should eat as well: taste, and even medicine

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sichuan pepper should eat as well: taste, and even medicine

Traveling in a high mountain area takes place. Take care does not mean that the lack of oxygen and cold armpit. Sichuan pepper is given in such a situation.

Otherwise, at other times, it is cooked in food. But, in the winter, it works Kaeda. It works specifically to balance the body with an external temperature. Sichuan pepper also increases the risk of disease-resistant.

Sichuan pepper's pickles or sichuan pepper is considered in some noodles, which increase the taste twice. It works just as not only for taste but also on the average.

Nepalese sichuan pepper has become popular in the world market for the last time. Sichuan pepper produced in most western parts of Nepal has been exporting worldwide. It is very useful. Sichuan pepper grains are small dough of 4 to 5 millimeters diameter. Its tastes are tear, turquoise and tongue-shaped. Sichuan pepper is used as spices and medicines.

Sichuan pepper  farming

sichuan pepper produces at sea height from 1200 to 2500 meters. Its plant is thorny and once it is planted, it gives fruit for many years.

sichuan pepper is cultivated in districts like Surkhet, Achtam, Salyan and Jajar. Its grain means that the plants are torn before the time of harvesting. And, compiled grains are stored well on the sun and stored in oven warehouse.

sichuan pepper can be used as spices and medicines. In the Nepalese market, the KJA is Rs 500 to Rs 500. Due to its excess demand in the world market, it can take unusual arbitrary benefits.

Medicinal properties

Using sichuan pepper provides relief to the toothache problem. According to Ayurvedic, timur works to cure the problem of air pollution, healing the teeth, giving power, rooting, arrogant, cholera.

- People who lose eye vision are beneficial when using regular sichuan pepper.

sichuan pepper also provides a lot of benefits to the behavior of low blood pressure.

sichuan pepperoil is massage and healed when the hand foot is still headache and pains in the legs. Oil is prepared from the flame of Timula. Such oil becomes fragrant.

Due to the amount of faturums in sichuan pepper, it is also useful for the bone.

Even if there is less hungry problem, then using sichuan pepper. It works to feed hunger.

sichuan pepper also reduces the likelihood of cancer. Likewise, it also helps to kill various sticks and trains.

So helpful

Timothy is used as pickles especially in Nepal. sichuan pepper is used as a grain or a starch. This is a major issue.

It is also used to delicate tissue, meat and various types of vegetables. It can be used in many cases. In Chinese cuisine, then it is essential to have a living. Its use is too high for Thailand and Europe too.

sichuan pepper's fruit is processed and used as a dyeing, sauce, and ointment.

sichuan pepper makeup also uses the use of ingredients. Timur is used for processing of perfume.

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