9 benefits of using alum(fitkiri)

Dec Sat 2018 03:03:15


9 benefits of using alum(fitkiri)

 Alum are used to clean water. However, the use of alum can also be cured for many diseases / problems. Magnesium sulfate in the alum is an important part of the human fund. Magnesium helps to maintain healthyness by activating more than three enzymes in the body.

These are nine benefits of alum:

  1. Mix lukewarm water with alum and deep conditioner equally then massage in hair and wash after 15 to 20 minutes. it make's black hair healthy hair.
  2. Mix one cup of alum powder in the water twice a week and keep it for 10-15 minutes and then wash. The Magnesium in the alum will remove the harmful substance inside the body.
  3. Mix two tablespoon of alum powder with a cup of water. Put this mixure in sun burnt skin.Wash after 10 minutes it's reduce skin burnt effects.
  4. The bath keeps alum in the bathtub by keeping the fine water on the bathtub. Helps protect against the risk of heart attack.
  5. The Magnesium in the alum is beneficial for the pain of arthritis. By keeping alum in hot water, and massage will reduce pain. .
  6. Alum water protects the strain from bathing for three days a week. Magnesium does not allow stress.
  7. Due to the pain of mourning place by keeping alum in the water, in the bathtub, with the help of Magnesium, the muscles receive happiness.
  8. On one day of the week, mixing a spoon of alum powder in olive oil and rubbing the dead cell of the body removes the  dead cell.
  9. Put your feet  lukewarm water with alum powder it reduce pain.