These are the benefits of long breathing for 5 minutes in the morning

Dec Sat 2018 03:02:43


Breathing is an irregular process. We do not have to spend any extra energy in return to breath. However, if you take a good breath, it does not make health only, it makes humans lives longer. In the morning, you should leave breathing longer than 5 minutes. Here are some benefits of breath exercise.

  • Reduce stress: Deep respiration increases the body's growth in oxygen and reduces tension, anxiety and depression.
  • Blow bad elements from body: More than 70% of the bad elements of the body can be removed from respiratory effects.
  • Makes the body calm: High health and anxiety causes many health problems. While deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the brain and reduces the amount of anxiety and also makes the body happy and prosperous.
  • Helping other organs: Exercise of deep respiratory massage brings heart, stomach, liver, small colon and flow  blood on those organs.