These 5 foods serve as a painkiller

Dec Sat 2018 03:02:09


These 5 foods serve as a painkiller

Most of the headaches, joint pain, first time gym and body parts of the body, and various types of pain in body, use painkiller medicines. But it is important to know that such painkiller medicines reduce your pain, as well as the liver affect the most.

So instead of eating excessive painlkiller medicines, eat the following types of healthy and natural foods. These foods also serve as a pancake for your sad body.

  1. Cherry: This small, rose, and sweet fruit has been detected by researching our homeland. So it is best to drink cherry or cherry juice after coming to the gym or by doing any heavy work. Also this natural fruit does not even make any negative side effects.
  2. Garlic: Lenson is considered as Ayurvedic medicine since the Century century. Again, it has also been discovered by research from the work of a penkiller. Relaxation when applying garlic parser in the skin, on the skin, if there is less oil and frying the garlic in a little amount of frying pain.
  3. Ginger: According to Ayurveda, when eating ginger by eating ghee, it reduces muscle and sorcery problem. From scientific research, it has also been found to provide relief to the place of hearing and pain.
  4. Barley: This barley filled with magnesium reduces the pain in women's maternity and gives relief to the bleeding. Barley zinc is also available, which prevents infection during the period of pregnancy.
  5. Grapes: If you are suffering from pain problems, then prepare ginger eating habits. It provides nutritious element of blood pressure on the spinal cord, which reduces the pain of the skin.