These are the symptoms of less water in the body

Dec Sat 2018 03:01:38


These are the symptoms of less water in the body
  • Head hurts heavily : Head is hurt, but because of what does not know the pain, due to which water is decreasing in the body. Drinking such head and drinking some of the immediate drinks in a hurry and a few minutes in the difference of 10 minutes. It reduces the pain immediately.
  • Some foods eat instantly but feeling hunger: More fatigue, when the brain is hungry or can not distinguish thirsty. So if you have recently eaten food, it seems like a hunger. If this happens, then water should be consumed. The problem that feels like hunger turns away.
  • Feeling very fatigue: When you do not drink water as much as you need, then the entire system of the body is weak. The power in the body starts to be destroyed. It makes you feel tired and makes it sad.
  • Work is not considered: More than 70 percent of the brain is made of water. The brain reduces the brain. It does not like to even do its normal work and it is not even meditated.
  • Skin is dry: Contrary to the ongoing weather, your skin remains dry, it often reduces the amount of lip and water due to lack of water. If you want soft and beautiful skin, you need to drink plenty of water.
  • Gourd yellow: If you see at least two times a miscellaneous day when you withdraw the pissoon, and it is ok if both yellow is light yellow. However, if you are very yellow, you definitely lack water.
  • Acidity increases: If you have increased acidity, constipation in the diet, food is not getting well, you should not drink too much water because of it. Drinking the right amount of water reduces the digestion process and does not allow constipation. It also reduces the stomach acids.
  • Increase heart beat rate: Increase your heart rate if there is a sudden decrease in water.
  • Feeling anxiety or a sudden threat: A sudden dizziness may lead to reasons, sometimes due to drug, can not be caused by sleeping or any other reason. Water deficiency can be the main reason.
  • Bad breathing smell: If the body is decreasing in your body, the body is not getting tired in the right amount, then the odor comes from the mouth. When you do not get too tired, the smell of respiratory body becomes harmful bacteria.
  • The mouth remains dry: Often dry, it is a sign of water shortage. Due to such a problem, water should always be kept on the side and drink as soon as necessary. Occasionally some medicines are also dry when the mouth consumes. In these two things, there is no need to be liable.
  • The pain occurs in the muscles or joints: Water works on the muscles or lubricants in the artery. It reduces water if there is less water.