Jan Tue 2018 05:35:35

The Health Academy's goal is to improve knowledge about attaining and maintaining good health. Through eLearning – which is how Healthsplus defines learning by any electronic technology and media – the Organization has the means to reach out to people with information on disease prevention and health promotion. What is particularly important is the ability to reach school-age children, those aged from 12-18 years.

Healthsplus is in a unique position to provide this information with its access to health expertise and rich information resources including those from its 193 Member States.

The academy's eLearning package of health courses provides more than just distance education. The graphics, animation and interstatus features have been designed to engage people so that they can enjoy the learning experience. The package introduces basic principles of health awareness and encourages students to build on their knowledge, which helps them to develop critical thinking.

Through its courses, the academy provides health guidance in terms easily understood by a wide range of people, and in consideration of cultural sensitivities and traditions. Information is first prepared in English and then translated into other languages as required.